Become a better skier

Become a better skier

Carv fits in any ski boot, analyzes your technique, and coaches you with live audio as you ski.

  • “Turn any ski boot into a personal coach”

  • “Even half an hour a day using Carv would be beneficial”

  • “Great for beginners [...] and perfection-obsessed experts”

  • “Carv is, without doubt, a game-changer for skiers”

  • “The most future-forward app on the slopes”

Skiing is better the better you are

With Carv, you'll ski with more style, more efficiently and for longer. Improve your technique so you can take on more challenging terrain this winter.

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How it works

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    Install the sensors

    The Carv insert fits under the liner of your ski boot. It sends motion and pressure data to your phone in real time via bluetooth.

  • 02

    In-App Analysis

    Your technique is scored by 13 performance metrics on every run, giving you a Ski:IQ and focus area to improve.

  • 03

    Real-Time Coaching

    Carv helps you improve with real-time audio coaching and personalized tips as you ski.



Our results

Last year Carv skiers:

  • Made
    94 million turns

    across 1,561 different resorts worldwide

  • Improved their Ski:IQ™ by 18 points

    on average last season

  • Increased their
    edge angle

    within the first 4 days with Carv

  • 0%

    Understood their technique better

  • 0%

    Felt more motivated

  • 0%

    Improved their skiing

Data you can't get anywhere else

Ski:IQ™ was developed with world-class instructors and is an average of 13 powerful metrics within the categories of balance, edging, pressure and rotation.

With Carv, you’ll get objective data on your technique and match the feeling of your skiing with the numbers behind.


One app. Unlimited improvement.

  • Say no to the plateau

    The Carv membership gives you powerful on and off-snow coaching to keep you improving every winter.

  • Designed for intermediates to pros

    Carv helps Intermediate skiers gain more control, Advanced skiers to push their limits on any terrain and experts to finesse effortless form

One community, over 35,000 skiers

  • “One of the best investments to improve my skiing I ever made.”

    Randy Babcock

    National Ski Patroller

  • “I got accurate feedback. The same type of coaching my coach would give. I was blown away.”

    Jeremy Bloom

    3x World Champion, 2X Olympian

  • “It did exactly what it said it would do. It has the potential of really educating people on what great skiing is.”

    Jonathan Ballou

    PSIA Alpine Examiner

  • “I could see my skiing improving in only a few hours.”

    Natalya Paul

    Stuff Magazine

  • “Carv shows the truth about how I stand and move vs how I think I move on skis.”

    Michael Rogan

    Head Coach, Pro Ski Instructors of America Demo Team

  • “It was the best purchase I have made in a long time.”

    Jonathon Parton

    Carv customer

  • “Best trainer ever. I learnt more in 1 hour than in one week with a real person. Can't wait for next winter.”

    Christian Müller

    Carv customer

  • “People with me commented on how much better I was skiing”

    Paula C

    Carv customer

  • “Carv was exactly what I was waiting for - instant feedback on my ski technique, and now I really understand the sensation of carving and how to improve.”

    Ruth Louise

    Verified Carv user

  • “Carv brings a new perspective to skiing. The pressure sensors allow you to see exactly what's going on. It really works!”

    Filip Filisar

    Olympian, Ski Cross World Champion

  • “I highly recommend CARV to anyone who wants to improve their skiing technique whilst hurtling down a snowy mountain every year.”

    Patricia Montgomery

    Carv customer

  • “A great and unique tool for any reasonably serious skier.”

    Richard Salzedo

    Carv customer

  • “It's something that not only can help the best racers in the world improve their time by the 1/100th of a second that matter but it can help a whole range of people ski better.”

    Alex Hoye

    Founder, Faction Skis

  • “It visualised a lot of things that you cannot see in the video. It's definitely next level!”

    Luka Krajnc

    Head coach, Slovenian Ski Cross Team

  • “I think that this is very evolutionary for Cross-Country Skiing!”

    Enrico Nizzi

    Olympian, Cross-Country Skier

  • “The whole concept of CARV is mind blowing. Amazing!!”

    John McQuaid

    Carv customer

  • “When I tested Carv, it was constantly analysing my form and reminded me to correct some of my old habits that had resurfaced!”

    Dominic Haffner

    Co-Founder, Unique Skis

  • “It’s not just what you can see, film, or even how the athlete feels. With Carv you actually know what’s happening.”

    Jernej Koblar

    3 Time Olympian, Alpine Skier

  • “The first week of use blew me away. The improvement (noted by my wife) was tremendous”


    Carv customer

  • “Fantastic bit of kit - especially for intermediate skiers”

    Christopher Kenny

    Carv customer

  • “I found it useful for pinpointing weaknesses and easily and instantly know I was improving.”

    Xaghra R

    Carv customer

  • “A great way for skiers of any level to improve their technique”


    Carv customer

  • “Instead of not understanding where the problems are coming from, it will be instant.”

    Denis O’Brien

    FFS National Ski Instructors Premier Degree France

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