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Install Carv

Carv is ultra thin and fits custom and stock boots.

Track your turns

Carv records 35 metrics every turn.

Get real-time audio coaching

Carv tells you how to improve as you ski.

9/10 skiers say they improve with Carv

Whether you're still learning or pushing your limits, you can now get professional coaching, without ever leaving your group.

*based on a survey of over 500 Carv skiers last year

Develop your balance

Mastered your outside and inside ski and turn with confidence.

Refine your posture

Develop the most efficient body position for skiing.

Improve body isolation

Let your skis flow underneath you.

Maximise edge control

Grip into ice and crud as well as piste.

Control your uphill ski

Upgrade your turn transitions and style.

Start to carv

Engage the arc of your ski and feel the power.

Master your carving

Improve turn entry and body isolation.

Improve with personalised suggestions

Carv tracks your skiing to give you in-depth feedback. As you ski, Carv shows you what you need to do to improve so you can you break through your plateaus with Carv's personalised recommendations.

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What’s your Ski IQ?

Are you improving each trip?
Are you curious who can get the highest score?

SkiIQ is built on the PSIA system and helps you track your progress over time.

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