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A world-class ski instructor in your ear

Lessons are great, but you can't have an instructor with you all the time.

Improve your skiing with real-time audio feedback on every turn. Get personalised skiing tips as you go and detailed analysis each time you stop – just like a ski coach.

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What’s Your Ski:IQ?

A new perspective on skiing developed alongside Olympians

Carv's Ski:IQ analyses balance, edging, rotation and pressure in real-time to compare your ability against the best in the world.

With Carv's leaderboards, compete and connect with friends and family anywhere so you can finally settle who really is the better skier.

Find out how you perform against other skiers on each and every piste in your local resort or worldwide.

A new perspective on ski technique

Actionable results for any skier

With over 50 pressure and motion sensors on each foot, see what's really going on inside your ski boot for the first time.

Whether you're a casual skier or a top athlete, Carv sets optimal targets for you based on your data so you can get the most out your day on the slopes.

Are you leaning too far back? Not within the target zone? Look out for Carv's top tips to improve your scores.

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Carv broke the sports wearables record on

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Carv (2x inserts, 2x trackers)
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