Alexander's Carv Story

By Alexander KamuzaevSki:IQ 161

March 4, 2021

3 min read

Hello, I'm Alexander, and I'm a 45 year old realty lawyer from Moscow, Russia.

I started skiing at the age of 15 years old - but I really was funny to watch. My Dad had bought these used skis and boots - but that was the beginning...

Nobody taught me how to ski, I’ve not been lucky enough to have ski instructors, I didn't have Internet - we didn’t even have YouTube at that time.

All I could do was to watch for other skiers and try to repeat the movements myself.

I have a video from 2006 when we had a trip with my Dad to Krasnaya Polyana resort (in the Sochi Olympic region, Russia). Of course it was not an Olympic stadium at that time, but we skied for 'all money' (as we say).

It was great!

"Sadly my ski level was frozen from that time for (a long-lasting) 13 years because I didn't know where to move to."

In Fall 2018, I took the next step on the journey. I agreed to visit Sochi again with my friend. It was on that trip that I realized that I can ski better...

I started watching videos with Austrian, Italian and Russian instructors, reading articles, forums etc. Not only that, but I repeated what they said step by step and this became the base of my skiing.

To be honest, I don't remember where I first read about Carv, but I saw it 2 years ago, and I instantly thought it was a game changer for my skiing.

In 2019 when I bought Carv, I was scoring a Ski:IQ of around 120 - an intermediate score.

"I instantly thought it was a game changer for my skiing."

I'm just a regular skier - not a professional or an Olympian by any means, but I suddenly had all the information I needed to correct my technique!

I mean Carv’s philosophy may seem too easy. It will tell you... “do this”, and then “try that” but give it some time.

After learning with Carv and focussing on your own technique you’ll even begin to notice what others do while they’re skiing. Then, because of your own training, you’ll start to see what you can do to help them improve as well.

My Ski:IQ has increased from 120 to 161 in 2 years. It's amazing.

Two years on after buying Carv, it has become clear for me (in the last month) that my current occupation is not the one I will retire from. I believe people can change their lives and I think Carv has actually given me the opportunity to become a Ski instructor.

"I believe people can change their lives and I think Carv has actually given me the opportunity to become a ski instructor.."

Honestly, when I see so many skiers struggling with themselves trying to connect their brains with their legs I only wish to help them as Carv did for me.

There is no perfect level of skiing, but we have to seek it. Every day we’re on the snow!

Good luck in your own journey...

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Written by: Alexander Kamuzaev

Ski:IQ 161