Announcing, the Carv Membership

By Jamie GrantCEO and co-founder

October 8, 2021

2 min read

Carv is moving to a membership model, giving skiers access to our most advanced coaching for $199/yr + $149, less than the price of a single lesson. Existing customers get the benefits of membership at no extra cost.

Our mission at Carv is simple: to make skiing more fun by helping you ski better. If a Carv member improves every time they hit the slopes, we’re achieving our mission.

Since launching our first model in 2016, Carv has become a game changer for better skiing technique, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for digital sports coaching in general. We’ve helped tens of thousands of customers to ski millions of turns each year. In fact, in 2020 we are incredibly proud to have taught more hours than any other ski school in the world, and we’re just getting started.

We know you want more; more coaching, better tips, more video content, different terrain, bumps, backcountry. We hear you and we have big ambitions for Carv. However, we also want to keep the cost to access Carv low, so we can have the biggest possible impact for skiers around the world.

To help us achieve this, we’re launching the Carv membership.

New customers can get Carving for $199/year + $149 (one-time cost) and join a club of like-minded members all improving their technique this winter. You’ll get our most advanced coaching and our latest performance metrics every season - created with the best instructors in the world.

But ski improvement doesn't just stop after one season. So, while you’re relaxing by the pool this summer you can be sure our team of elite instructors and data scientists will be reviewing last year's data, developing new performance metrics and building better training content to keep you progressing next time you’re on snow.

Finally, a shout-out to our first customers. We’ve loved helping you improve over the past 4 years and couldn’t have made it here without you. I appreciate that you were the first to use Carv and it hasn’t always been plain sailing. As a co-founder of Carv, I know what it takes to make a commitment to something that you believe in, even if it has uncertain outcomes. You put your faith in us in the early days, so in order to repay that trust we’re excited to announce that all existing Carv users have become Founder Carv Members; you will receive a lifetime Carv Membership and will not pay for the annual subscription to use your original device. Thank you to our early Carvers, kickstarters and beta testers – you’re awesome.

This season will be our biggest yet. If you haven’t already, take some time to take a first look at this season’s new features here.

Welcome to the future of skiing.

Jamie Grant

Want to know more?

Head to the FAQ to read about how the Carv membership works.

Membership FAQs

Written by: Jamie Grant

CEO and co-founder