Meet us on the Mountain

By Amelia HollowayProduct Marketing Manager

March 1, 2023

4 min read

Celebrating the first Carv meetup!

This past Saturday, Carv made history. We had our first in-person meetup at Park City Mountain Resort!

It took 2 Carv employees, two instructors, one retail partner, and 18 excited Carvers to turn out a memorable and exciting day.

The Prep Work

When we first opened the sign-ups for our first-ever meetup, we didn’t really know what to expect - but you certainly blew us away with your enthusiasm! With 80 sign-ups and over 500 responses suggesting meetups elsewhere, we knew we had our work cut out for us. The pressure was on to create a memorable event that lived up to expectations.

Two members of the Carv team, Melissa and Amelia, headed out to Park City to kick-start the Meetup dream. And first up was a visit to our retail partner, Cole Sport. Based in the ideal location at the bottom of Park City Mountain Resort, they generously provided us with a home base for our first Carv event.

And so commenced a week of planning, goodie-bag stuffing, and the arduous task of scouting out the perfect Carv run to base ourselves for the big day. Another tough day in the office!

Amelia and Melissa scouting the resort in a record snow storm

The dawn of the big day

A break in the storm of the decade came at the perfect time on this sunny Saturday morning. Carv Members and their guests headed to Cole Sport bright and early, greeted with pastries and some much-needed coffee. Whilst they chatted about everything Carv (and the awesome snow we’d been having) the team fitted Carv into members' guests’ boots.

By 9AM we were headed up to Pay Day lift, to catch the early groomed runs and lay down some fresh carving tracks.

Amelia and Melissa fit units for the guests of Carv members

Hitting the slopes

We had a long waitlist for the event, but when it got to the day over 3 feet of snow stopped some from getting to us. Eighteen may be more manageable than eighty… but it’s a big group to ski together. Remember the last time you skied with six or seven people? Three times that amount could easily equal mayhem.

Luckily, we had the perfect tool for creating smaller well matched ski groups. On the first run, everyone switched on Free Ski and laid out their best turns. At the bottom, we had an easy way to divide the group into two smaller teams led by Melissa, Amelia, and our awesome local ambassador Ernest.

The meetup dream team in action

For the rest of the morning, the groups worked through different Carv modes on every run. We broke out of the Free Ski groove, and worked through monitor modes and drills as a group, discussing our metrics and sharing scores.

Finally, we made sure to grab Video Coach sessions of each other. It isn’t every day you find a bunch of willing filmers! Pairing up and connecting at the top of the run, members alternated in filming and being filmed so that by the end of the run everyone had a video of their skiing… and why this mattered would soon be revealed.

Quizzing the experts

At mid-morning, a special guest arrived to join us. Colleen Jamieson is Training Manager at Park City, and Education Manager for the PSIA. In short, she really knows her stuff. We were lucky enough to get some top tips from Colleen on snow, as we finished up before lunch.

The group then headed to Legacy Lodge to refuel, and share those all-important video sessions with Colleen. Guests took it in turns to take the hot seat, and share their videos for technique advice and feedback.

A memorable day

The rest of the day was our oyster. Some of the members chose to explore the mountain with their guests, experimenting with Carv one on one for the afternoon. A smaller group stuck with the Carv team, to enjoy Free Ski on a wider variety of runs around the resort and test our skills on some steeps.

The day came to a close with drinks in the setting sun at BlueBird cafe, and a catch-up with Philiippe - an awesome instructor and Carv user at Park City.

Thank you to all the Members that joined us, and guests that tried Carv for the first time. We hope you had a ball (and we know some of you will be joining us very soon, if you haven’t already!) We look forward to seeing you at the next event. Luckily for us, we don’t have long to wait - we’ll be at Deer Valley on Sunday 5th to do it all again - this time led by Ernest, our local champion.

We couldn’t have done it without the support of Cole Sport, Ernest, and Colleen - so a big thank you from the Carv team to you all.


Written by: Amelia Holloway

Product Marketing Manager