Morgan's Carv story

Morgan's Carv story

As a professional ski instructor (CSIA Level 4) I am always seeking improvement in both performance on snow and kinetic understanding. With Carv I am able to see quantifiable data of those feelings giving me a greater understanding of cause and effects of my decisions.

Morgan's Carv story

"With Carv I am able to see quantifiable data of those feelings"

Carv is my second set of eyes during my training day on snow. At the end of the run I can press “end” then look to see the metrics which double checks against my feelings that I just had, sometimes we just can’t feel acutely enough. I can see the data make a tweak then try it again. Two of the most valuable metrics for me are the Balance and Pressure metrics.

I am able take my impressions of the run then see what that looked like balance wise in both fore/aft and bilaterally.

For example, I want to have more balance over my outside leg. I then start a session on Carv and then review the desired metric at the end of the run and it corresponds with the feeling I just had. An added bonus is the visual on-snow reference of the ski tracks I've been making. Fantastically easy!

"What makes Carv 100% effective is pre choosing my run outcome..."

Carv gives me real data on a specific feature in my skiing

In this case (taken from a screenshot of a run where I was doing medium radius carving) I'm looking at how early I am edging my skis in the turn radius, and the symmetry of my left and right turns.

For the general public I see Carv as a tool to allow you to continue to improve after a ski lesson with a certified pro. The ski pro will teach the technique during the lesson, giving you feelings and sensations of when/where/how to balance. Then you can leave that lesson armed with information then take Carv and continue to develop those for another week.

If you forget or lose a sensation you can brush up with the exercises provided with the app. Once you see that you have achieved a more consistent “score” you can take a quick private refresher with an instructor and then repeat the process over and over until you reach your desired level of performance. Then Carv can continue to assist you to maintain that level of performance.

I plan to use Carv and my knowledge of ski technique to improve myself and hopefully earn a spot onto the Canadian interski demo team.

"If you forget or lose a sensation you can brush up with the exercises provided with the app."

A bit about me, I have been instructing/coaching the sport of skiing for 28 years in a wide range of capacities such from a head coach of a race club to instructor training - but always as a ski instructor to the public. My certifications are CSIA Level 4 and a level 3 course conductor, ACA Development level race coach and a Canfitpro certified personal trainer.

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