New Features For Our Fans

By Amelia HollowayProduct Marketing Manager

June 20, 2023

5 min read

If you’ve been keeping up with Carv over the summer, you’ll have noticed that we’re working on big-ticket new features to super-charge ski improvement. We’re a very small team, so most of our time is spent on a few bets that will make a big difference to as many people as possible.

However, this update is a little different. Instead of looking at a single, high-impact change, we took a step back. We revisited your feedback and identified a number of technical tweaks with a disproportionate impact on the keenest Carvers. If you’re a super fan, stay with us to find out about updates we’ve made with you in mind. Let us know what you think on the Carv Skiers’ Community!

Find out if you’re really carving (or if you just think you are)

This season, you may remember that we introduced a nifty new feature showing you whether you were carving, keeping parallel, or snowploughing your turns. For those of you trying to move from parallel to carving turns, it was an awesome way to identify the success of your efforts. But it was really just a tease - because when you stopped recording that data was lost! We have no defence, we totally underestimated how valuable you’d find this feature.

After hearing your feedback on the slopes and in the Carv Skiers’ Community group, we knew we had to up our game and ensure you could access these turn breakdowns even after you stopped recording. Now, on your day review page, you'll see a breakdown of the types of turns you made in each segment. When you're back home, geeking out over your data, you'll have a reminder of the progress you made towards your carving goals on each segment.

Turn breakdowns are now visible in your recent activity for any skiing mode, like Free Ski, Turn Ski:IQ Monitor, or Train with an Olympian.

Longer term, we’re looking at showing a breakdown of your turn types over more extended time periods - a full day, or even season, total. Head to the community to let us know if this is a feature you’d like more on.

Want to get your hands on Carv first next season?

Build your own virtual boot room

Last season we created the end-of-day summary, allowing you to log the skis and boots you used for that session. While it had mixed usage, some of you found a lot of value in analyzing the impact of your equipment on performance.

However, it wasn’t a slick process - manually typing the name of your equipment on every summary was a time sink. If you had multiple pairs of skis you didn’t want to be spending the time each day typing them in (and if you didn’t have multiple pairs, you tended not to need the feature anyway). We had created a feature that had a nugget of greatness for some of our most regular Carv users, but it fell short on execution. Prioritizing projects that directly impacted more members, we couldn’t fix it right away, but we knew it needed tweaking.

We’re now happy to introduce you to the virtual ski locker and boot room, with unlimited capacity for all your equipment (if only our budgets and garages were the same!). You’ll be able to select your equipment from a pre-saved list, to make the process that much quicker and slicker.

Simply add all your boots and skis to the boot room once, and then select the gear you used at the end of each day.

Easily identify your left turns from your right

Most of our time at Carv is spent developing coaching features to help you build skills. However, this season you’ve reminded us that tracking the nuances of your current performance is an integral part of the learning process. This includes understanding your body’s natural imbalances, which often cause us to learn a new skill asymmetrically.

To address this, we’re making it easier to identify your left from right turns. We have made a nifty adjustment to the map on the recent activity page, which you can interact with to see not only your Ski:IQ for each turn, but the direction the turn was made in. We’ve added direction indications to the Monitor graphs too, for a more comprehensive analysis of your left turns versus right.

See your left and right turns individually when you review your Monitor Mode turns (see the left and centre images), and on your Recent Activity page for all segments (even historically)!

This feature levels up the “turn comparison” metrics currently found in Edging and Pressure, making it easier at a top level to identify if you have a dominant side, and take the necessary strength or flexibility training to remedy it. We know this is a change you'll be happy to see, and we're looking into how we can continue to make left and right comparisons accessible in the future.

More around the corner

Let us know what you think of these new features on the Carv Skiers’ Community. We love hearing your thoughts and suggestions - after all, it’s where we got these ideas from! There are a number of big changes coming to Carv over the summer, so if you haven’t read our Active Coaching Blog take a peep for further insight (and maybe volunteer to test it in the meantime!). We’re also looking at improving the overall Free Ski experience, with more announcements to come - stay tuned.


Written by: Amelia Holloway

Product Marketing Manager