Which levels of skier benefit from Carv?

October 1, 2022

3 min read

Carv is designed for a range of skiers, from early intermediate level skiers all the way through to instructors.


Intermediates are often comfortable skiing on wide and smooth pistes, but technique can become a barrier when the conditions deteriorate or when these skiers move up to steeper or bumpier pistes. This can lead to anxiety on that last run down at the end of the day, or the need to avoid more advanced runs on the hill.

Carv has been designed to help intermediates build their confidence and control by:

  • developing control of the outside ski

  • building rotational ability

  • developing edge control (helpful on ice!)

  • training an athletic, 'forwards' stance

The videos, training mode and challenges will provide fun and addictive ways to work on these skills while skiing around on normal pistes. The advice in Free Ski mode will keep you focussed and progressing on every run.

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Most advanced skiers think they can lay down a pretty good carve and therefore stop trying to improve their piste technique. That is, until they see a pro or a top level instructor ski, then they think "how do I ski like that?"

Many instructors and racers use Carv to unlock a new level of performance from their skiing. The detailed data profile shows them exactly where and how they are engaging their edge and how the pressure is developing against their outside ski.

Carv has been designed to help experts to find that next level by,

  • showing exactly how you are edging and pressuring throughout the turn

  • giving live audio feed of a range of metrics (e.g. edge angle, outside ski pressure)

  • using similarity monitors to iron out inconsistencies between the skis

  • completing 'instructor-grade' levels of the interactive ski drills

  • allowing self-directed learning with objective feedback

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If you have never skied before, we suggest you take a few lessons to become self-sufficient on the mountain. You will need an in-person lesson to teach you the fundamentals of skiing, as well as to catch you if things go wrong!

The ideal level to start with Carv is once you can:

  • ski down a green run with your skis often in parallel position, sometimes in snowplough

  • ski without worrying about falling over frequently

  • make linked turns and stop on demand

Carv provides advice based on your previous turns, and hence a minimum ability level is required to be able to get the most out of the instruction it provides. We recommend you are comfortable linking turns and stopping on your own before you begin using Carv.

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