What Carv Measures

Get the most accurate ski technique profile ever created and learn how to (really) turn on skis.

Pressure and motion data
How the system works

Pressure and motion data

Carv captures your movements with 72 pressure sensors and motion sensors. Our ultra-thin 3mm insert fits in every boot.

How the system works


Get objective data on your technique and match the feeling with the numbers behind it.

Real-time Coaching
How the system works

Real-time Coaching

Break through to the next level with personalized coaching and tips.

Scoring technique, accurately

Accuracy is at the heart of our system. Carv compiles data from every turn you ski to measure specific elements of your skiing.

As you ski, the device captures what you’re doing with raw objective data. Carv then displays your data against benchmarks.


Your technique, explained

Carv reports your Ski:IQ after each segment (when you stop). This score gives you one accurate assessment of your overall technique, and number to track as you improve.

  • Carv will transition your turn types from wedge to parallel to carving. You will develop consistent stability and balance through your turns that will get you tackling increasingly more challenging runs with ease.

  • Carv will take your fundamental technique to the next level. Form satisfying C-shaped carve turns with ease, so you can crush it on the entire mountain and carve down any terrain.

  • For experts, Carv will unlock completely refined technique by finessing your edge angles, progressive edge building, fore:aft balance and more. Carv can show you what truly effortless skiing feels like and get you closer to complete mastery.

Carv’s Ski:IQ assessment is based on thousands of labelled video sessions, refined with the top ski instructors from every major association - powered by data from over 350 million turns.

Skiing Fundamentals

Our metrics fall under the four categories developed by the Professional Ski Instructors of America so you can develop the best technique.

  • Carv measures how you move your centre of mass throughout the turn. It looks for you to move forward at the start of the turn, and then get back a centered position, over your bindings during the main phase of the turn.

    Great balance allows you to effectively manage the changing forces you experience throughout the whole turn to adjust for the terrain that you are skiing.

  • Skis turn on snow because of the contact between the snow and the ski’s edge. The most efficient turn comes from tilting the ski, allowing the shape of ski to provide the turning force.

    The more edge angle you achieve, the tighter your turn will be which will mean you experience more force in the turn (and more fun).

  • Skiing is all about how your skis turn on snow. Rotational skills mean your skis are turning together, giving you flow and style on the mountain.

  • Carv is able to measure how much pressure you create on each ski, when you apply this pressure and how smoothly you do so. New this year, it can now measure the g-force you withstand from your turns.

    Applying the right pressure allows you to reach high g-forces, and create stylish, high edge angle turns.

12 Powerful Metrics

Carv breaks down your skiing into 12 objective, accurate metrics that make up perfect technique. Carv will help you improve each metric so you can really ski with style.

Terrain adjustment

The best skiers are the ones who move effortlessly and absorb any terrain. Carv constantly assesses the terrain you’re skiing on, rewarding you for keeping your technique together as the pitch and terrain get harder.

Track your day

  • Carv tracks every run automatically, but not every run is the same. Our segmentation feature cuts the run into meaningful sections to analyze.

  • For those who love to full send, Carv is great for capturing your speed and seeing how far across the mountain you’ve journeyed.

  • Carv can also track your day with accuracy. As the device knows how much pressure is on your feet, It even knows when you’re on the lifts to calculate vert precisely.

    The map data combines GPS with movement tracking for clearer mapping. So it won’t confuse you for being on a lift for taking the exciting route down underneath the lift.

Answers to common questions about the Carv data

  • How accurate is it at scoring different abilities?

    Carv has been trained on over 350 million ski turns, compared against a database of ranked and labelled video sessions of every skill level of skier (paired with the Carv data from those sessions). This means that Carv can accurately detect your skiing no matter what level you are.

    Each season the team develop and releases metrics that will help you understand your technique and improve, even if you’re at the top of your game.

  • How does it know how I’m skiing from just my feet?

    Your feet are the single point of contact between your body and the ski. Even though Carv cannot see your upper body, it can see the effect your body is creating. For example, Carv can assess how the center of pressure moves in your feet at the start of the turn, and might give you a tip about moving your body forwards as you initiate the turn.

    It will also analyze the timing of your movements and it will compare left vs right ski, which means Carv can give you advice on how your weight and balance is distributed, alongside measuring things like how early you get on edge for carving turns.

  • How does the data get processed in real time?

    Carv sensors record your skiing 20 times a second using motion and pressure sensors. These data are sent to your phone via bluetooth where they are analyzed in real time as you ski. The first step Carv takes is to determine the turn window (when your turn took place) and the second step is to construct your metric scores in real time.

    Carv then reacts as you ski and will then send audio coaching to your headphones (via cable or bluetooth), so you can make a change in your skiing during your run. When you stop your run or get on a chairlift, Carv creates a segment and your overall Ski:IQ is calculated.

Want to know more?

1. Carv Captures your skiing data

The Carv device captures precise pressure and motion data as you ski. It is then sent to your phone using bluetooth.

Your ski data is then compared against professional benchmarks (Level 3/4 ski instructors) to assess your technique.

2. Get feedback on your technique

This data is then translated into 13 powerful metrics that fit into 4 key categories:

  • Balance (forward/back lean)
  • Edging (edge angle, similarity and more)
  • Rotation (rotary smoothness and similarity)
  • Pressure (outside/inside ski, smoothness and more).

So you'll be able to analyse your technique and find out where you need to focus next.

3. Improve in days not months

You'll get personalised tips, real-time coaching and drills, developed with the best skiers and instructors like 2x Olympic Gold Medalist Ted Ligety.

The fast feedback loop from objective data, to coaching and back means you'll ski more efficiently and for longer, have better control and confidence, take on more challenging terrain and push your limits.

Yes, Carv is the same thickness as a boot warmer at 3mm. It will fit in almost all ski boots including stock boots, custom moulded boots and boots with custom insoles. We offer a boot-fit guarantee so you can find the perfect match with Carv.

Yes. Carv goes under the liner - on top of the boot board. This means that heel lifts, custom insoles (e.g. Surefoot), and boot warmers are not affected and are compatible with Carv. You can use them both at the same time.

99% of our customers are happy with their Carv fit - even pros like 2x Gold Olympic Champion, Ted Ligety, ski with Carv without boot mods. Because it fits under the liner, there is padding to accommodate the 3mm volume. If you do have a pinch, a boot fitter can rectify issues. If not, you are protected by our boot fit guarantee.


Carv is compatible with any iPhone that has a minimum of iOS 15 installed, though we recommend using the most up-to-date version of iOS


Carv requires a minimum of Android 8.0 to run, and your phone must support Bluetooth 4.2.

Some Android devices are not compatible with Carv, please click here to read more about phone compatibility

Carv is made up of a season pass membership, and a device.

Your membership will give you access to our latest app analytics, as well as new on-snow and off-snow training content every season.

After signing up you’ll receive an email with a membership activation code. Simply enter this in the app to start your membership.

If you're not happy with Carv you can simply return it to us by February 1st and we will refund both the membership and device cost.

We know that skiing is a journey of constant improvement. We work all year round to keep you progressing so you can smash through those plateaus. Throughout the season, Carv members will get:

  • New training designed with world-class coaches
  • Our latest Ski:IQ algorithm, metrics and tips
  • Ski-specific workouts
  • Technique masterclasses
  • Events, technique webinars and more

We're in it together to keep you improving!

The Daily Pass is designed for occasional skiers who can only make it to the mountains for a week-long trip or a few weekends.

  1. Choose your preferred number of days (6-9).
  2. After purchase, you'll get an activation code giving you year-round access to Carv's off-snow training content.
  3. Each on-snow 'day' is counted when you start recording your skiing with Carv.
  4. Your on-snow days can be used one at a time and do not have to be used consecutively, but must be used within 365 days from purchase.
  5. Want more days? You can easily add more days or upgrade your pass by contacting Customer Success

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your Carv membership at any time through the Carv app.

If you cancel your membership, you will get full access for the duration of your membership. When your membership ends, you will no longer be able to access:

  • Your Carv metric scores for each run.
  • Audio tips and turn-by-turn feedback.
  • Carv training modes: Free Ski, Training, Challenges and Monitor modes.
  • Off-snow training: In-app training videos and Carv live talks.

You will still be able to access basic run tracking (e.g. speed, distance), your Carv metric scores captured when your membership was active, and your Ski:IQ™ score on each run.

You can return your Carv for a full refund (device and membership cost) by February 1st.

Carv is designed to improve your form on all terrain.

Carv will automatically detect the difficulty and snow type that your skiing on - taking into account steepness and terrain variability (bumps, crud, powder). Carv will adapt your score based on the terrain so you're always rewarded for keeping your form when things get dicey.

Carv's coaching is focussed on developing an efficient, controlled and stylish technique. It will push you to make more stable, rounded and exciting turns. While Carv is not designed to coach you in off piste (yet), the improvements it will make in your fundamental technique will certainly iron out issues so when you do get the perfect pow conditions of the season - you are focussed on your line not your technique.

  • Carv works with regular headphones, Airpods and any other bluetooth headphones. See our recommendations here.
  • Almost all helmets work with in-ear headphones, so you don't need to make adjustments to your current helmet
  • If you do not want to ski with headphones, you can still improve with text-based tips, scores and drills.

Always innovating

Our team of data scientists, ski instructors and product experts spend every day of the year thinking about ski technique. It’s our passion. See how we’re pushing the limits of technology to help you improve.

Loved by every level of skier

  • “One of the best investments to improve my skiing I ever made.”

    Randy Babcock

    National Ski Patroller

  • “I got accurate feedback. The same type of coaching my coach would give. I was blown away.”

    Jeremy Bloom

    3x World Champion, 2X Olympian

  • “It did exactly what it said it would do. It has the potential of really educating people on what great skiing is.”

    Jonathan Ballou

    PSIA Alpine Examiner

  • “I could see my skiing improving in only a few hours.”

    Natalya Paul

    Stuff Magazine

  • “Carv shows the truth about how I stand and move vs how I think I move on skis.”

    Michael Rogan

    Head Coach, Pro Ski Instructors of America Demo Team

  • “It was the best purchase I have made in a long time.”

    Jonathon Parton

    Carv customer

  • “Best trainer ever. I learnt more in 1 hour than in one week with a real person. Can't wait for next winter.”

    Christian Müller

    Carv customer

  • “People with me commented on how much better I was skiing”

    Paula C

    Carv customer

  • “Carv was exactly what I was waiting for - instant feedback on my ski technique, and now I really understand the sensation of carving and how to improve.”

    Ruth Louise

    Verified Carv user

  • “Carv brings a new perspective to skiing. The pressure sensors allow you to see exactly what's going on. It really works!”

    Filip Filisar

    Olympian, Ski Cross World Champion

  • “I highly recommend CARV to anyone who wants to improve their skiing technique whilst hurtling down a snowy mountain every year.”

    Patricia Montgomery

    Carv customer

  • “A great and unique tool for any reasonably serious skier.”

    Richard Salzedo

    Carv customer

  • “It's something that not only can help the best racers in the world improve their time by the 1/100th of a second that matter but it can help a whole range of people ski better.”

    Alex Hoye

    Founder, Faction Skis

  • “It visualised a lot of things that you cannot see in the video. It's definitely next level!”

    Luka Krajnc

    Head coach, Slovenian Ski Cross Team

  • “I think that this is very evolutionary for Cross-Country Skiing!”

    Enrico Nizzi

    Olympian, Cross-Country Skier

  • “The whole concept of CARV is mind blowing. Amazing!!”

    John McQuaid

    Carv customer

  • “When I tested Carv, it was constantly analysing my form and reminded me to correct some of my old habits that had resurfaced!”

    Dominic Haffner

    Co-Founder, Unique Skis

  • “It’s not just what you can see, film, or even how the athlete feels. With Carv you actually know what’s happening.”

    Jernej Koblar

    3 Time Olympian, Alpine Skier

  • “The first week of use blew me away. The improvement (noted by my wife) was tremendous”


    Carv customer

  • “Fantastic bit of kit - especially for intermediate skiers”

    Christopher Kenny

    Carv customer

  • “I found it useful for pinpointing weaknesses and easily and instantly know I was improving.”

    Xaghra R

    Carv customer

  • “A great way for skiers of any level to improve their technique”


    Carv customer

  • “Instead of not understanding where the problems are coming from, it will be instant.”

    Denis O’Brien

    FFS National Ski Instructors Premier Degree France