First Tracks Program

First Tracks Program

Guide for First Tracks Members

The First Tracks Program is a community of trusted beta testers, giving members the opportunity to test pre-release software and provide their feedback.

Together, we will strive to create the best possible product for the Carv Community, helping users achieve breakthrough moments in their technique, and reach their skiing goals.

First Tracks Members experience the following perks:

  • Early access: Be among the first to experience the latest innovations from Carv, ahead of public release.

  • Make your mark: Help us refine new features and updates to make them better for everyone.

  • Incentivised testing: In some cases, missions will be incentivised with certain Carv related rewards for completion, so keep an eye out for these!

Not yet a member of the First Tracks Program?

Testing Missions

  • Whenever we launch a new test, you will receive an email from us announcing the start of a new Testing Mission.

  • The email will contain information about the feature or update we are testing, along with additional instructions.

  • To complete your Mission, you must complete the tasks in the instructions as well as a survey that we send at the end of the testing period.

  • Each Mission will typically be active for 1 - 2 weeks.

  • To remain part of the First Tracks Program, you must complete at least one mission for each testing group you join.

How to provide feedback

There are three lines of communication specific to you as a member of the program:

Mission Surveys

  • We will send you a survey at the end of each Mission that you must complete for the Mission to be completed.
  • The survey is your opportunity to provide us with in depth feedback about your experience and recommendations.

Bug Reporting

  • First Tracks Members are our first line of defence against bugs (aspects of the software that don’t work as intended/expected).
  • Instructions on how to submit a bug report are provided below.

Email (

  • Use this email address if you have any questions about the Mission or any related tasks.
  • Please don’t use this email address for feedback on the feature. Save that for the Mission Survey.
  • For any Carv queries not related to testing please use

How to submit a bug report

  1. Swipe to the left on any screen with two fingers.
  2. Select Tester feedback.
  3. Please provide as much detail and context as you can - what were you doing before you experienced the issue? Any supporting screenshots are also extremely helpful.
  4. Press the send icon in the top right corner.

Want to leave the Program?

If at any point you want to leave the program, simply complete the opt-out form below. We will be sad to see you go!