What's new for 2020

Your ski coach just got even better

Welcome to the season

2020 might be our most challenging year to date, but we haven't let that stop us from spending all summer working on Carv's coaching.

We're here to help you get the most from every single run this winter.

  • The new app will be available for download on iOS and Android on December 20th.

What's changed?

Our goal this year was simple, to make your ski advice even better.

Last year, 92% of you told us that Carv had improved your skiing. That's awesome!

This year we want to push that number higher. Read on to find out how we're doing it.

Improved Tips

What's new

Get Better Tips

Carv has been designed around 3 different approaches to coaching:

  • Free Ski - small bitesized bits of advice - like having a coach with you on the ski lift
  • Training - instant feedback on every turn
  • Challenges - fun ways to prove yourself with specific skiing skills

This year, we've added some important changes to our tips system.

Improved Tips

Adaptive advice

A great instructor wouldn't give the same tips to a racer and an intermediate.

Carv's tips now adapt to your ability. You'll get tips, written by top instructors, that have been optimised based on your Ski:IQ to create the most impact for your skiing. Game on.

Improved Tips

Smart Coaching

Let's face it, when we're not skiing well, we don't want to hear the same advice again and again.

This season, Carv will give you tips to address the weakest area of your technique. If the app doesn't notice an improvement it will rotate the tips to focus on a different part of your technique. No hard feelings ;).

However, if it notices you improving, Carv will queue up more advanced tips to keep up your progression.

Improved Tips

More Depth

Sometimes you might want to dive deeper into each tip. This season we've added a whole new tips structure to allow you to click through any tip you're given to learn more about the concept.

You'll also see related videos and drills to help you learn.

Ski:IQ 2020™

What's new

Meet the new Ski:IQ™

Ski:IQ™ is the foundation of Carv - it is the score that helps us assign the right tips to you and allows you to track your progress.

This year we have transformed Ski:IQ™ by

  • Analysing over 40 million turns
  • Identifying common technique patterns
  • Refining and validating metrics with top level instructors
What's changed

Early Edging

This year we are very excited to release a new metric - early edging. We base this on how your center of pressure and edge angle change in the first third of the turn - for each ski.

Sounds complicated? All you need to know is that truly great skiing will be rewarded generously. ;)

You'll notice that each metric now has a target zone (based on a Ski:IQ 120 average) and a 'pro zone' (based on Ski:IQ 140 average) to give you context when you look at these numbers.

Learn With New Modes

Game-changing drills

Learn with interactive drills

Ski drills are great, but how do you know when you are doing them perfectly? Carv's interactive ski drills will take your skiing to the next level this year.

We've expanded training mode and developed a new set of Carv drills and in-app videos with Eric Lipton, elite alpine demo team skier for the PSIA and two-time Olympian Kaylin Richardson.

Top instructors use the same drills to coach both intermediates and pro racers. They just coach different points in technique.

We've taken this insight and created a levelling system that gets harder as you move through the ranks to make sure skiers of every level can keep improving.

Test your skills

New skiing challenges

This year we've added a number of new challenges so you can show off your new skiing skills. You can compete against your friends and family, or just go all-out to beat your own high score.

Drag those knuckles and try and score the highest edge angle in a turn that you can.

Make as many turns as you can in a 30 second window

What is the maximum edge angle you can 'streak' over 5 consecutive turns

Set your own beat and ski to the metronome as accurately as possible

What is the highest G-force you can register in a hockey stop?

Mark the date

The latest Carv features will be launching December 20th


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