What's new for 2020

Your ski coach just got even better

Welcome to the season

2020 might have been our most challenging year to date, but we haven't let that stop us from improving Carv's coaching.

We're here to help you get the most from every single run this winter.

Read on to find out what we've changed...

Become a local hero

New Leaderboards

Compete with the best

With this year's app comes the ultimate opportunity to earn your bragging rights...

On every mountain and every run, skiers have started competing to top the Ski:IQ leaderboard for this season.

There are #1 spots to be earned (and shared) all over the world on your way to become a local hero.

Improved Tips

Improved Tips

Advice for every level

A great coach will vary their advice based on your ability. This season, you'll get more specific advice, all tailored to your personal Ski:IQ scores.

Carv will also notice if you are improving in each skill and let you know so you can recognise your hard work!

Improved Tips

Deeper insight

Sometimes a little extra detail is all you need for your next technique breakthrough.

Now you can click into any tip to learn more about the concept. Watch videos, read descriptions and improve with Carv's recommended drills and challenges.

Improved Tips

On-demand tips

Last year, many of you told us that you wanted a way to go back and read your tips.

Voila! We've now added your personalised tips into the activity feed, so you can review your advice for each run whenever the mood strikes you.

Meet the new Ski:IQ™

A major new update

Ski:IQ™ is the foundation of Carv - it is the system that defines your ability and decides which tips you get served.

This year we are proud to share the 2020 Ski:IQ™ upgrade.

  • We've collected over 30 million turns
  • Identified technique patterns
  • Refined metrics with top level instructors

Let's see what's changed...

New Ski:IQ™

New Metric - Early Edging

Early edging is a core component of high performance skiing. We're excited to bring you a way to objectively measure this skill for the first time.

You are aiming for a score near 100% - indicating that you have rolled your skis onto their edge right at the initiation of each turn.

Download the latest app to read more about this metric.

New Ski:IQ™

New Balance metrics

Balance is an important concept in skiing, so we have expanded these metrics

  • Forward stance - measures whether you are in an 'athletic stance' with your weight through the balls of your feet as you initiate each turn.
  • Foot Roll - measures whether you are deliberately rolling your feet into each turn in a controlled fashion (an advanced skill that facilitates control in early edging).

Download the latest app to read more about these metrics.

New Ski:IQ™

More context

To help you understand and improve your Ski:IQ™ scores, we are excited to share three changes.

  • You can now track your Ski:IQ™ and skill improvement in your Carv profile.
  • Each Ski:IQ™ metric has a layer of detail behind it, showing you what it measures and how to improve.
  • Each metric now has a target zone (a Ski:IQ™ 120 score) and a 'pro zone' (a Ski:IQ™ 140) to give you a range to aim for.

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