What's New for 2021?

What's new for 2022?

We're back with our best app yet

Every year our goal is to push the boundaries of what's possible in digital coaching.

This year, we've worked tirelessly to bring you the best Carv app we've ever made. Ski:IQ has taken another big leap forward with the addition of powerful new metrics and we've worked with an international team of instructors to create our most powerful coaching experience yet.

In previous years, Carv has shown you how you are skiing and given you tips to improve.

This year, our aim is to join up your coaching journey, so you know exactly what to work on next to improve your Ski:IQ™.

See you on the slopes,

Jamie and the Carv Team

P.S. As ever, your feedback makes Carv even better, so we'd love to know what you think.

Personalised training

Have you ever felt stuck in your skiing, knowing you can improve but unsure what to work on? Knowing what to improve can be difficult, even for expert skiers.

This winter, Carv will give you a personalised focus area based on your last few days of skiing, so you'll know exactly what - and how - to improve.

Your Carv will recommend the most relevant drills to help you break through your plateau.

Personalised training

Last year, we set our target zones based on top-level skiing. However, many of you told us that you weren't aiming to topple the elite!

We wanted to make the metrics more meaningful for every skier so Carv will now show you a new personalised target zone based on your ability level and your most recent runs.

You'll also be able to track your progress for each metric over time - perfect for improving a tricky area!

Off-snow training

Are you familiar with the post-first-day aches and pains?

You don't need to be a superhuman to enjoy your day on the slopes, but many skiers are keen to improve their strength and mobility to make the most of their time on snow.

We've been busy filming skiing-specific video workouts with top instructors, so you can get in shape for your next trip from home.

Off-snow training

The best ski coaches don't just tell you how to improve. They also explain the key concepts so you know why you're improving.

This year you'll be able to break down key concepts behind each Carv metric, so you can understand what to do on snow to smash your next Ski:IQ target.

Carv will show you why each concept is important to your skiing, and what makes the best skiers so good.

Off-snow training

Over a year of lockdown, everyone’s been looking online to get their fix of the sport they love, and videos are the most popular way for skiers to improve while you're away from the mountains.

That's why we've worked with top instructors from across the globe to bring you technique masterclasses in-app, so you'll get video lessons to help you learn faster when you're on snow.

On-snow training

So you're ripping up the mountain in free ski mode, but you want to dial in one particular aspect of your technique. Now you can switch modes without ending your current skiing session.

And with quick-start recording, we've made it easier to start using Carv in half the taps when you hit the first lift.


Carv is now compatible with your favourite music service, so you can ski with your favourite tunes or podcast. And when Carv gives you an audio tip, your music will fade and return when it's done.

(But please remember to always be considerate of your fellow skiers and be aware of others on the slopes!)

More new features

We've surveyed and spoken to thousands of Carv skiers over the past year, and implemented the most popular changes that you asked for. New features for 2021 include:

  • Achievements - Carv now highlights your biggest improvements from the last few days.
  • Voice Control - Hands too cold to get your phone out? Now you can just ask Siri or Google Assistant to start skiing with Carv.
  • Improved Piste Naming - Piste naming is now more accurate than ever across the globe.

Ski:IQ™ is the foundation of Carv - analysing data collected from 72 sensors to produce our most accurate score of your skiing technique.

In just a few years we have created the world’s most powerful technique database, with over 150 million turns and counting.

Each winter, we use that incredible resource to build an even more powerful Ski:IQ™ model. Take a look at what's new for 2021.


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