Senior Data Scientist

Innsbruck, Austria or London, UK

At MotionMetrics, we’re working to create digital sports coaching experiences. Our first product is Carv, a digital skiing coach that blends hardware, software and real-time audio instruction to teach people the sport of skiing - a world first across sports.

This is an outstanding opportunity to apply data science in a real-world setting, dissecting terabytes of sensor data from our current users and optimising the millions of instructions we give to our users, to create a truly revolutionary user experience.

The Company

Carv is the world’s first ski product that teaches you how to improve ski technique. It’s the ideal companion for any skier who wants to perfect their skiing. After breaking the Kickstarter sports wearables record in 2016, Carv launched in 2017 and has since coached thousands of skiers. Developed alongside Olympians and approved by The Professional Ski Instructors of America, Carv gives skiers an overall Ski:IQ™ which compares your ability against the rest of the Carv community, allowing skiers to compete with family, friends and even the pros.

Advisors and investors include:

  • SOSV Ventures

  • Steve Rechtschaffner (former CCO of EA Games Canada, creator of SSX Tricky and US Freestyle team member)

Here’s what the press are saying

“Carv is surprisingly addictive” - Financial Times

“The biggest testament to Carv’s coaching abilities is that I could see my skiing improving in only a few hours.” - 5* review in Stuff Magazine

"The speed with which real-time coaching was ironing out the wrinkles in my technique was striking. There’s no other way to get feedback quite like this. Instructors can only give you a debrief after your descent — and even then it will be based on what they suppose is going on in your boots. Carv’s coaching comes straight from the sole." - Sunday Times

Job Description

About the role:

We are looking for a Data Scientist to help us improve Carv’s analytics to deliver a valuable, helpful and exciting product experience. Over the past two ski seasons, we’ve collected terabytes of skiing data covering tens of millions of skiing turns and user instructions, your role will be to discover hidden information in the data, to identify and categorise the quality of skiing techniques and improve the quality of Carv’s instruction.

Your primary focus will be applying data analysis techniques, including raw sensor data signals, skiing routes, motion statistics, and more. Using this data you will help us build models from the ground up to generate a smarter, more personalised, and adaptive ski trainer. Your work will include data exploration and segmentation, statistical modelling and building models from the ground up including feature generation, model construction and optimisation. You will work directly with the CTO and CEO.

The successful candidate will have a passion for data, as well as sports, finding the best algorithm for the job, and making an impact on the business.

In the role, you will:

  • Analyse sensor data to identify and categorise the quality of skiing technique
  • Analyse feedback/instruction given by Carv and reaction from user to quantify effectiveness of feedback
  • Build models from the ground up, from data exploration through feature generation, to model construction and optimisation
  • Discover new data-driven capabilities for product improvement and development
  • Apply machine learning and other relevant techniques to product development and improvement

Our candidate is someone who has:

  • 3+ years of hands-on experience with data
  • Experience with some of the following:
    • Python
    • C++
    • TensorFlow
  • Understanding of ski technique or biomechanics
  • Experience in implementing machine learning models/algorithms over data
  • Experience with real time or continuously aggregating data and data streams


Full time, immediate start available.


Competitive with equity.

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