Carv Ski Coach - 2 years Gift

Carv Ski Coach - 2 years Gift

Improve your skiing every day with real-time audio coaching and technique analysis.

Carv Goggles


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Bootfit Guarantee

Find your fit or your money back within 100 days

100-Day Returns

And a lifetime warranty while your membership is active

In 20,000 boots
and counting

  • Carv comes in 3-sizes and fits in all makes and models of ski boot. Join over 20k skiers with Carv in their boots.


  • We designed the Carv inserts to be as thin as possible, because we know boot fit is crucial to great skiing.


  • Because Carv fits under the liner of your boots, it’s compatible with custom boots, and custom insoles.


Boot Fit Guarantee

Find your perfect fit or simply exchange or return your sensors within 100 days.

at every level

  • Before Carv

    Ski:IQ™ 130

    Ski:IQ™ +21

    After Carv

    Ski:IQ™ 151

  • Before Carv

    Ski:IQ™ 120

    Ski:IQ™ +41

    After Carv

    Ski:IQ™ 161

  • Before Carv

    Ski:IQ™ 117

    Ski:IQ™ +33

    After Carv

    Ski:IQ™ 150

  • Before Carv

    Ski:IQ™ 136

    Ski:IQ™ +16

    After Carv

    Ski:IQ™ 152

Customer Reviews

  • “Carv let me know mid-run that I was applying uneven and inconsistent pressure in my turns to the right. I course-corrected and was rewarded with a “That’s it, nice work!” from Carv.”

  • “I am loving the drills and I am so obsessed with levelling up as much as I can that we don’t stop for lunch till 3pm.”

  • “5* - If you want to make the most of your time in the mountains, just go out and buy one. It’ll add an extra dimension of enjoyment to your holiday, and you’ll be a better skier for it.”

  • “The most future-forward app on the slopes.”

  • “The speed with which real-time coaching was ironing out the wrinkles in my technique was striking.

    Sunday times

The Daily Pass is designed for occasional skiers who can only make it to the mountains for a week-long trip or a few weekends.

  • It is billed annually and gives you access for a chosen number of ski days.
  • After purchase, you'll be emailed an activation code giving you access to Carv's off-snow training content.
  • To use Carv on-snow, simply start recording a session on each day that you want to use your Daily Pass.

Carv is made up of a season pass membership, and a device.

Your membership will give you access to our latest app analytics, as well as new on-snow and off snow training content every season. If you buy in the Pre-Sale, you can activate your membership any time within 45 days of purchase.

After signing up you’ll receive an email which allows you to amend your membership at any time.

If you're not happy with Carv you can simply return it to us within 100 days and we will refund both the membership and device cost.

If you cancel your membership your Carv will still work, and you will be able to access the run tracking features:

  • Ski:IQ
  • basic run telemetry
  • ability levels
  • and your historic data

The coaching content (tips, metrics, real-time audio feedback, training) and leaderboard will remain dormant until you reactivate your membership.

You can return your Carv for a refund (device and membership cost) within 100 days of purchase.

We know that skiing is a journey of constant improvement. We work all year round to keep you progressing so you can smash through those plateaus. Throughout the season, Carv members will get:

  • New training designed with world-class coaches
  • Our latest Ski:IQ algorithm, metrics and tips
  • Ski-specific workouts
  • Technique masterclasses
  • Events, technique webinars and more

We're in it together to keep you improving!