The Carv App

Your skiing is about to get a whole lot better.

A coaching revolution

Carv combines advice from the best instructors in the world with the power of data science and game design.

  • Real time audio

    Learn faster with real-time audio coaching as you ski

  • Find your focus area

    Carv will tell you which part of your technique is holding you back

  • Data improvement

    Data from 70 million turns improves our coaching every season

  • Step 1

    Ski with Carv

    With Carv under the liner of your ski boot, simply hit the record button as you start your ski day.

    Carv measures your pressure and motion 20 times a second, giving you personalised audio tips as you ski.

  • Step 2

    Rediscover your technique

    After each run you’ll get a Ski:IQ score. You’ll find out which parts of your technique are stronger and which parts are holding you back.

    Carv uses this to create your on-snow tips and recommend the most impactful drills for your skiing.

  • Step 3

    Get a personal training plan

    Have you ever felt stuck in your skiing, knowing you can improve but unsure what to work on?

    With Carv, you'll get a personalised focus area, showing you know the most important thing to work on next.

  • Step 4

    Improve every day you ski

    Do you want a few tips as you ride with friends, or are you heading out for a training day?

    Get instant audio tips as you ski, learn with interactive drills or watch video masterclasses chosen for your skiing.

Explore the training

Each day on the mountain is different, so we’ve developed a wide range of coaching options with our team of instructors.

  • Free Ski Mode

    Wouldn’t it be great to have an instructor ride the chair with you and give you personalised tips? That’s how we’ve designed Free Ski Mode.
    • Get technique advice after each run
    • Tailored advice created by world-class pros
    • Perfect for every level of skier
  • Training Mode

    Training Mode is Carv’s most powerful learning tool. We’ve taken traditional ski drills and redesigned them using real-time feedback. Carv’s sounds help you match your movements with the perfect technique on every turn.
    • Improve your balance, pressure and carving
    • 20 difficulty levels will stretch even the experts
    • Turn-by-turn feedback for faster learning
  • Monitor Mode

    Monitor mode lets you focus on a specific area of your skiing with instant audio feedback. Each turn, you’ll get a live read out of your score. Now you won’t just know what good technique looks like; you’ll know what it feels like.
    • Dial-in specific skills with instant feedback
    • Carv reads out your score on every turn
    • Match your score with your feeling on snow

Learn to ski with efficient technique

  • Develop your balance

  • Improve body isolation

  • Learn to carve

  • Master each ski

  • Maximise edge control

Improve every season

With new training developed for members every winter, Carv will keep you on your toes no matter what your level.

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