Best Ski Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone (iOS)

By Team Carv

October 16, 2023

9 min read

Picture this: you're carving down the powdery slopes, feeling the rush of adrenaline as you conquer each turn. But what if you could take your skiing experience to the next level? Having recently completed a season with Carv, I wanted to share the best ski tracking apps that will elevate your experience on the mountain like never before. From analysing your technique to pushing your limits, these apps are about to transform the way you hit the slopes. Get ready for an exhilarating journey of data-driven skiing mastery!

Carv Digital Ski Coach

Compatible: Android, iOS

First up is none other than Carv (digital ski coach): Carv is not just any ski tracking app—it's a game-changer in the world of ski technology. With its unparalleled precision, Carv combines advice from the best instructors in the world with the power of data science and game design.

Best Features:

1. Motion sensors and performance metrics: Carv's tracking app combines advanced motion sensors with comprehensive performance metrics and intuitive data visualisation. With precise motion tracking, it provides detailed insights into weight distribution, pressure control, balance, and more. The app's visualised performance metrics, including speed, edge angle, and turn analysis, allow you to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and set meaningful goals to elevate your skiing ability. Carv uses motion and pressure sensors to give you performance metrics that go far beyond the standard 'speed' and 'vert'.

2. Notified and gamified improvement: Firstly, there are levels which gamify your own experience, this really helped me personally to stay motivated on the mountain. I was constantly aiming to get to the next level, therefore pushing me to work on different aspects of my technique. When I first started with Carv I was a Smooth operator with Ski:IQ at 96, so going front hat to Parallel perfector, with a score of 106 felt like a huge achievement. This just got even better as I started getting through the levels, finally ending my season as a mountain master, with a ski:IQ of 140.

3. Real-Time Audio Feedback: Carv goes beyond traditional visual data tracking by providing real-time audio feedback. Carv analyses your skiing technique and provides personalised coaching cues directly in your ear. I found that the instant feedback allowed me to easily change my technique on the go, this allowed my improvement time to go up easily. I felt that I was able to improve, whilst still being with my peers and enjoying the mountain air.


1. Battery Life: One potential drawback of Carv is its impact on battery life, particularly for longer ski sessions. Carv relies on sensors and Bluetooth connectivity, which can drain the battery of your smartphone or other devices. This is mainly a problem with older phones, and can become worse due to phone batteries in cold weather. The easy way to prevent this is to always have that portable charger on hand.

2. Not for Beginners: Unfortunately, Carv is not the most compatible with beginner skiers. The Carv team encourages a few lessons before committing to using Carv, as it is better to start off as an intermediate skier. The technology is there to take you from just getting down the mountain, to flying down each run with ease. With ease comes enjoyment and an opportunity to further soak up that meditative time on the mountain.

Ski Tracks

Compatible: Android, iOS

Coming up next is none other than ski tracks: It’s one of the most popular ski tracking apps out there. This is because of its focus on data and a range of features which will elevate your skiing experience, here’s a few that I especially enjoyed.

Best features:

1. Accurate Tracking: Ski Tracks utilises GPS and motion sensors to track your skiing activities with exceptional accuracy. It records essential data such as speed, distance, altitude, vertical drop, and more. With its precise tracking capabilities, Ski Tracks provides you with detailed statistics to analyse your performance.

2. Detailed Analysis and Visualisation: The app offers comprehensive analysis and visualisation tools to help you understand your skiing patterns. You can view your tracks overlaid on maps, see individual runs, and access graphical representations of your speed and altitude profiles. These visualisations enable you to gain insights into your skiing techniques and make informed decisions for improvement.

3. Offline Support: Ski Tracks provides offline support, allowing you to track your skiing activities even when you're in areas with limited or no cellular network coverage. This feature is particularly useful when skiing in remote locations or areas with poor connectivity. You can record your runs without worrying about data access, and the app will sync your data once you're back in an area with an internet connection.


1. Limited Advanced Features: Ski Tracks focuses primarily on tracking basic skiing statistics, such as speed, distance, and altitude. While it provides accurate data and detailed visualisations, it may lack some advanced features found in other ski tracking apps. If you're looking for in-depth technique analysis, real-time coaching, or advanced motion tracking capabilities, Ski Tracks might not fulfill those specific needs.

2. Dependency on GPS Signal: Like most GPS-based tracking apps, Ski Tracks relies on a stable and consistent GPS signal to accurately record and track your skiing activities. In areas with poor GPS reception or dense tree cover, the app may experience inaccuracies or interruptions in data recording. This limitation can be frustrating if you frequently ski in remote locations or areas with challenging GPS conditions.


Compatible: Android, iOS

At number three, it’s Snoww, a social ski tracker, which will help you not only track your skiing but also stay connected to your friends and raise that competitive spirit.

Best Features:

App best features

1. Social Ski Tracking: Snoww allows you to connect and compete with friends and fellow skiers. You can create a group, invite your friends, and track each other's skiing activities on a shared leader board. This social aspect alters the way you ski, you will compete and play with your friends and peers, pushing yourself harder than you have before.

2. Detailed Statistics and Insights: Snoww provides comprehensive statistics about your skiing performance, including speed, distance, vertical descent, and more. It also offers insightful visualisations and analysis of your runs, allowing you to track your progress, set goals, and improve your technique over time.

Downsides of App

1. Limited Android Support: One of the drawbacks of Snoww is its limited support for Android devices. At the time of writing, Snoww is primarily focused on providing a seamless experience for iOS users. While there may be plans to expand Android compatibility in the future, currently, Android users may not have access to all the features and functionalities available on the iOS version.

2. Reliance on Active Internet Connection: Snoww heavily relies on a stable internet connection for many of its features, including social ski tracking, lift line wait times, and real-time data synchronisation. This can be a limitation in areas with poor or no network coverage, such as remote ski resorts or backcountry skiing locations. Without a consistent internet connection, some of Snoww's features may not be fully accessible or may experience delays.


Compatible: Android, iOS

Finally, none other than Fatmap. Fatmap is not only a ski tracking app but also is perfect for hiking, biking and just finding trails. Here are some of my favourite features:

Best Features:

1. Immersive 3D Mapping: Fatmap provides highly detailed and immersive 3D maps of ski resorts and backcountry areas. The app's advanced mapping technology offers a realistic visualisation of the terrain, allowing you to better understand the slopes, trails, and surrounding areas. This feature enhances your planning and navigation, helping you make informed decisions while exploring new ski areas.

2. Offline Access to Maps: One of the standout perks of Fatmap is its offline mode. You can download the maps for specific ski areas and access them even when you don't have an internet connection. This is particularly useful when skiing in remote locations with limited or no cellular network coverage, ensuring that you can still navigate and explore without relying on a constant internet connection.

3. Detailed Trail Information: Fatmap provides comprehensive trail information, including difficulty levels, grooming status, and other relevant details. This allows you to assess the suitability of trails based on your skiing ability and preferences. The app also highlights points of interest, such as restaurants, lift stations, and restrooms, further enhancing your skiing experience.


1. No creation of routes: Even though Fatmap creates a focus on different routes and trails, it doesn’t prioritise creating your own. Although it still does have an extensive array of different exciting trails and routes to explore.

2. Battery Consumption: Fatmap's advanced mapping features and 3D visualisation can consume a significant amount of battery power on your device. The app relies on GPS and graphics processing, which may drain your device's battery faster than other less graphically intensive apps. It's advisable to have a fully charged device or carry a portable charger to ensure that you can use Fatmap throughout your skiing day.

The best ski app for me: Having personally experienced the benefits of Carv, I can attest to its ability to transform your skiing journey. The combination of real-time audio feedback, advanced technique analysis, performance tracking, gamification, learning resources, and seamless integration make Carv the ideal ski app for anyone seeking to enhance their skills, track progress, and continually grow as a skier. I believe that all of these features, and the precise nature of the data it collects and collates makes it the superior tracking app. This is taken even further because of Carv’s incredible coaching feature, using the advice and data of the best skiers in the world, to make anyone the best skier they can be.

We hope this article gives you a range of ski apps to try, so you can track your skiing as precisely as possible and keep improving. We can't wait to see you all out on the slopes this season!


Written by: Team Carv