The Fastest Way To Improve Your Ski:IQ™ With Carv Data

October 9, 2023

6 min read

Have you ever felt that your skiing isn’t improving? You’ve been up on the mountain, skiing all day, but you just feel as if something isn’t clicking. We want to give you every opportunity to feel confident on the slopes. To do this, improvement is vital, so why not use it as an excuse to get your Ski:IQ higher than ever. With a higher Ski:IQ comes better technique and more enjoyment.

I know when I’m skiing better I tire less, I take more risks, push my limits and love being in the mountains even more.

As with any skill, committing to improving your skiing can often mean you reach plateaus.

Plateaus and Breakthroughs

When you are trying to improve your skiing, it can be exhausting and you can face a lot of challenges. It is often a steep (mind the pun) learning curve.

We know that not everyone is able to be out on the slopes all season, so those week long trips are vital in not only enhancing your technique but also having a great time.

If you have been skiing for a long time without instruction, you might have a few hidden (or not so hidden) bad habits, this is completely normal, but it can be more challenging to change and improve these techniques.

As with any skill, committing to improvement can often mean you reach plateaus, days when you feel like there is no advancement in your ability. These are the days when it is so important to stay motivated. These days can really take a toll on your endurance, and trying to get better can usually end in getting worse before that breakthrough moment.

It’s our mission to make these days more fun, through using the app, you can turn this frustration into an opportunity to keep challenging yourself and keep growing in your skiing ability.

Once that breakthrough moment comes, and you are skiing down a red, the wind in your hair, I mean helmet (prioritise safety), with a new high Ski:IQ, there is no other feeling like it.

How is Carv designed to keep you improving?

Carv is built with a combination of advanced sensor technology. With real time feedback and post session analysis, we are here to help you fight those plateaus. Carv will provide a detailed visualisation of your skiing technique and give you tips and tricks to advance in the best way.

You’re still thinking about that high score, aren’t you? We are here to help with the best hacks of how to use the app to get your Ski:IQ higher and to feel as confident as an expert on the slopes.

Top tips for improving even faster with Carv

Start in Free Ski: It’s good to start off by looking at your Ski:IQ to see where you are starting. This is a time not to feel disheartened by your score. We are only looking at this to see where we stand. The Ski:IQ just gives us something quantifiable that we can grasp before committing to improvement. It puts our technique into a neat, data driven number.

Tip #1 - Focus on one metric

Focus on a specific metric: Once you have found out your first Ski:IQ, it is important to set the next challenge for yourself. This is less about direct and immediate improvement, and more about the most important elements of your skiing technique. Take a look at your metrics and see which ones you are struggling with. This is the best time to pick up monitor mode. Whether it be balance, edge angles, pressure control or turn symmetry, we all have our weaknesses.

If you decide to focus on one weak metric this will help improve your overall technique.

Focus on one metric to improve overall technique.

Tip #2 - play with your technique when you ski

Let’s start using that real time feedback: Receiving live audio of specific metrics, will help you notice and acknowledge things that you maybe wouldn’t have thought about before. We are placing an emphasis on specific elements of your data, which can slowly help you improve. You may not receive your best ski:IQ when you are focusing on a certain metric but that is normal.

Tip #3 - be intentional and review your performance

Say it with me, ‘REVIEW THAT SESSION’: When prioritising improvement, it is so important to be constantly reviewing the data that you have produced. This is important to do in live time, but also after the session, have a look at each turn, and see how you improved as you went down the slope. If you didn’t, that’s okay, analyse why that was, were you trying out something new? Trying to imitate some of the best skiers on the slopes? Match up your best turns and really try to focus on the feeling of those turns as you were experiencing them.

Tip #4 - push yourself

Challenge yourself: Are you bored of monitor mode? Or worried you are reaching another plateau. It’s that time of the day you need something exciting to focus on. Try out our challenge mode for a more gamified way of improving your technique. Let’s say you were focusing on edge similarity using monitor mode, I bet you found yourself creating quicker shorter turns down the piste.

The best thing to do now is to try out Fast Turns, on the challenge mode. This will tell you to make as many turns as you can in 30 seconds.

These challenges will help you get rid of that frustration of the midday plateau and help you improve even more.

Tip #5 - choose terrain carefully

Try different terrains: Have you been using this advice on the same run? Through using the same run to really focus on improvement, it can create a quicker development. However, once you have made an advancement, and reached one of those breakthrough moments, it is important to set yourself a new challenge.

Change the piste, see if that improved Ski:IQ translates, and compare the new tips you receive.

Through doing this you are giving yourself an opportunity to feel confident, not only on the easier slopes, but also on the more challenging ones.

Tip #6 - putting it all together

Finish the day off with Turn:Ski:IQ: This inspired aspect of monitor mode was created all because of you, our customers. A highly requested mode, it combines all your hard work, focusing on the different metrics, and gives you a simple way to see how you’ve improved.

Each turn can be analysed in live time, and help you improve even more.

We hope these hacks have revitalised your hunger for improvement, and have changed those days of plateau into days of opportunity.

We can’t wait to see you speeding down the slopes, with a brand spanking new Ski:IQ.