Favourites and Tip Feedback

By Team Carv

March 16, 2021

2 min read

(App Update 16/03/21)

As we've grown Carv, we've evolved Ski:IQ to become one of the most accurate ways to measure skiing performance.

Many of your have wanted to put your skills to the test and compare your skiing against your friends, top pros, and local heroes on your mountain.

Select skiers to follow

All of our team are excited to share this latest update with you. In part, because it means we can finally formalise our internal company leaderboard - but also because we know it is a commonly requested feature by our community.

Download the latest Carv app today and you can create your very own custom favourites leaderboard.

  • Each skier has a star next to their name
  • If you click their profile picture, they'll be added to your favourites
  • You'll see a star appear next to your favourite skiers

View your favourites leaderboard

You can view your favourites list at any time by clicking the star in the top right of the leaderboard screen. Favourites works with the normal filters we introduced this year, so you can overlay run/mountain/country filters to your favourites.

Let us know how you get on or head over to the Carv Skiers Community and drop us a message.

Tip Rating

A central part of our vision at Carv is to apply the power of big data to ski coaching.

A human instructor on a mountain is limited by the number of students they can coach in one season. At Carv we can coach thousands every day, so we're excited to work with the best coaches to test and validate their ideas at scale.

To date, we have been using our data to analyse which tips have changed people's technique - but now we want to add your personal experience into the mix.

We've added a function for you to rate the tips Carv gives you. We have used a fairly simple 'likes' approach so go ahead and share your likes and dislikes for each tip so we can bring you better tips year on year.

Help us keep our instructors on their toes and use your voice to improve our coaching.

  • To rate a tip simply click the thumbs up or down when you like or dislike the tip.

Written by: Team Carv