Carv's skiing metrics explained

October 1, 2022

3 min read

What do the metrics mean?

We have worked with top-level instructor-examiners from PSIA (The Professional Ski Instructors of America), CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructors Association) and other federations to create metrics that assess your technique for a broad range of turn types.

The metrics measured by the 36 sensors in the Carv inserts and group your technique into four fundamental skills, agreed upon by the major skiing federations.

These are Balance, Edging, Rotary and Pressure.

Your ability in each of these skills are defined by a range of specific metrics. Just like IQ scoring, these component parts are used to create a Ski:IQ™, which is a quantified estimate of your ski technique calculated in the same way for every Carv skier.

How do we measure the metrics?

Carv's sensors calculate your technique based on a wide range of factors, developed with ski instructors and data scientists, including but not limited to:

  • Edging - Ski roll (angle, smoothness, early vs late edging)

  • Pressure (outside:inside pressure, rate of change, timing)

  • Balance (dynamic balance in the turn, forward stance, foot roll)

  • Rotation (yaw rate, yaw symmetry, yaw smoothness, yaw/edge relationship)

  • Symmetry (are your metrics listed above, the same for left/right turns)

  • Similarity (moving your left and right ski in unison)

Your data is presented as a Ski:IQ score with a breakdown for each of the components of great skiing (balance, edging, pressure, rotation).

Every season we evaluate our metrics to make sure we are using our sensors and our growing data system (180+ million turns and counting) to accurately describe what great skiing looks like.

Metrics and coaching

Carv works by giving you advice based on the metrics that are consistently weak in your profile, so you can overcome these skill-gaps with a range of different coaching interventions. Carv's coaching includes:

  • audio tips after each run

  • ski drills focussed on specific movements

  • challenges to test your limits in specific skills

  • monitors to give you a live data feed.

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