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You can parallel ski (in control) almost anywhere on the mountain. By directing more pressure to the outside ski as you turn, you're probably becoming confident to start engaging the edges of your skis more.

With your balanced, athletic stance, you've got a great skiing platform. Let's build on it and take your skiing further.

Read on for some top tips to help you find that next level.

Carv is the world's first digital ski coach. Built with world-class instructors, Carv provides personalised coaching and real-time audio feedback as you ski.

We've developed Ski:IQ™ as a quantified score of your skiing technique. While we can only estimate your Ski:IQ™ based on the quiz, with Carv in your ski boots you'll be able to track your progress against 4 fundamental skiing skills: Balance, Edging, Rotation, and Pressure.

Technique Teardown

Here's what your run summary might look like on the Carv app.

At every technique level, there are key skills to master that will take your skiing to the next level. Two very important skill areas for you are Edging and Rotation.

Tilting, rather than pushing, your skis into the turn will enable you to find balance on the edges of your skis and turn with more control.

On gentler slopes, try to get the feeling of tipping the skis over to start the turn rather than twisting or skidding. Use small movements at first.

You should aim to create two clean tracks in the snow behind you.

Controlling the rotation of your skis is a key skill to master at this level. Keeping your skis parallel will allow you to stay well balanced and turn with greater control.

To keep your skis and legs parallel as they rotate, imagine you have lasers coming out of your knees; don't let the lasers cross over each other.

Your next steps

Tip no.1

Roll from the Toes

Turning by rolling your skis, rather than twisting or skidding, is the foundation of good edging, and it starts right at the beginning of the turn.

As you start your turns, apply pressure on the big toe side of your outside foot. This will help you tip your skis onto their edges.

Then as you finish your turns, apply pressure on the pinky toe side of your foot. This will flatten the ski base to the snow as you transition.

Tip no.2

Pivot Slips

The ability to move the legs independently of the upper body is crucial for great skiing.

On blue groomed terrain, turn into a gentle sideslip, and then pivot the skis in the other direction, while keeping the hips, torso, and eyes focused down the fall line.

Continue this movement to make a series of 180-degree pivots left and right, being careful to keep your skis parallel and pivot from your hips. Or with Carv, try Pivot Slips Training with live feedback as you ski.

Tip no.3

Short Turns Challenge

Often it's easy to get stuck making turns of one radius, reducing your control on steeper or narrow slopes. Get your feet moving in turns of a different radius with the Carv short turns challenge.

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Now go Carv it up!

With these tips in your skiing arsenal, you'll be well on your way to developing carving turns. Focus on your edging and rotation, and you'll become comfortable as you move from parallel skiing into the world of carving.

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