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You’ve heard us talking a lot about Carv, but what do our skiers really think?

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One of the most common questions that people ask about Carv is “does it actually work?”. We’re delighted to say that 95% of Carv skiers improved their skiing last season.

But don’t take it from us; watch the video to hear what our skiers think.

Is Carv too good
to be true?

We've spent years developing a new way of learning - a shortcut to better skiing in days, not years. We’re proud that the results of our users can do the talking on this one.

  • LW
    Lissa W.
    United StatesUnited States

    A better skier from day 1

    For the price of one half-day private lesson I will get 2 years of objective feedback which has already made me more confident in all terrain.

    Source: App Store

  • RO
    Ramin O.
    United StatesDominican Republic

    Carv is awesome!

    For the price of one lesson I got a season of one on one training all day, every day that I was on the slopes. The granularity of instructions is absolutely amazing.

    Source: Carv Website Review

  • JJ
    Jesper J.
    United StatesNorway

    Instant Feedback

    Progress is 10 times faster, when you get feedback, right after every turn. Never had a coach this good (and honest).

    Source: Carv Website Review

  • SS
    Stuart S.
    United StatesUnited States

    Fantastic tool - instant feedback

    For 50 yrs i skied on many different skis and boots looking for improvement. Carv comes along and it has reignited my interest in the sport i love, lifting my enjoyment of skiing.

    Source: Carv Website Review

  • KK
    Katya K.
    United StatesUnited States

    Great technology

    In a matter of 7-10 days my skiing skills are on a completely new level. My husband was skeptical at first, and now guess what — I got him Carv for his birthday and he is enjoying it as well.

    Source: App Store

  • EF
    Ethan F
    United StatesUnited States

    Improved more than...

    I’ve improved more in the 4 ski days this season alone than I have in the last 20 years. Worth every penny.

    Source: Carv Website Review

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Is Carv right
for my level?

How can one coach help both parallel skiers and expert instructors? The key is in the data. Advanced users love the objective score breakdown that helps them push their Ski:IQ™. Whereas intermediates love the guided feedback that makes learning simple.

Does Carv affect
my boot fit?

As the connectors between your body and the snow, your ski boots are the most important piece of ski gear you own.

We’ve designed your Carv sensors to be just 3mm thin, and offer a boot fit guarantee so you can find the perfect match with Carv or get your money back.

Still unsure if its right for your boots?

Just ask other members of our community

  • RL
    Robert L.
    United StatesUnited States

    Great Device and App

    Carv is easy to use and unnoticeable - nothing gets in your way in terms of weight, wires, and other impediments. Simple, easy, excellent.

    Source: Carv Website Review

  • RA
    Rich A.
    United StatesUnited States

    Great product, accurate and easy to use!

    Very thin and it made no difference to the feel of my boots. My boots already fit very tight and yet I couldn't tell the inserts were in, which is great.

    Source: App Store

  • JD
    Jordan D.
    United StatesUnited States

    So happy with this purchase

    I couldn’t be happier with the experience I’ve had so far. Easy to set up, didn’t change the fit of my ski boot at all and so easy to use every time I go on the slopes.

    Source: Carv Website Review

People often ask our community,
"is Carv worth it?"

Our most common questions

The Flexipass is designed for occasional skiers who can only make it to the mountains for a week-long trip or a few weekends.

  • It is structured as a renewing membership with your chosen number of days.
  • After purchase you'll get an activation code giving you year-round access to Carv's off-snow training content.
  • To use Carv on-snow, simply start recording a session on each day that you want to use your Flexipass.

Your Flexi days can be used any time within a 365 day window after purchase.

No, Carv membership runs by the calendar. So if you buy a yearly membership in February, you'll get full access until February next year, giving you a good few months of snow next winter as well!

Carv is made up of a season pass membership, billed every 1 or 2 years from the date of purchase, and a device.

Your membership will give you access to our most powerful analytics, as well as new on-snow and off snow training content every season.

To see what’s new this season head to: What's new 2021

After signing up you’ll receive an email which allows you to amend your membership at any time.

If you're not happy with Carv you can simply return it to us within 100 days and we will refund both the membership and device cost.

If you cancel your membership your Carv will still work, and you will be able to access the run tracking features:

  • Ski:IQ
  • basic run telemetry
  • ability levels
  • and your historic data

The coaching content (tips, metrics, real-time audio feedback, training) and leaderboard will remain dormant until you reactivate your membership.

You can return your Carv for a refund (device and membership cost) within 100 days of purchase.

We know that skiing is a journey of constant improvement. We work all year round to keep Carv improving so you can keep smashing through those plateaus. Throughout the season, Carv members will get:

  • New training designed with world-class coaches
  • Our latest Ski:IQ, metrics and tips
  • Pre-season workouts
  • Technique masterclasses

We're in it together to keep you improving!

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