Reignite your skiing progression

Cut through the pack

When 90% of your skiing is on the piste, make sure you aren't just cruising every day. Carv gives you the tools of an Olympic-level instructor to help you push your performance to new levels.

Cut through the pack

Perfect a range of skiing skills

The difference between good skiing and great skiing often comes down to a few small flaws in technique. We've designed Carv to help you find them and crush them.

Perfect a range of skiing skills
  • Improve your flow
    Set a beat and keep pace with the Metronome Challenge or use the Rhythm Drill to enhance your flow.
  • Develop short and long radius carving
    Complete increasingly demanding levels of Carving Training to improve your edge angle, roll smoothness and pressure control.
  • Enhance your transitions
    Learn how to harness your carving pressure release and improve your edge-to-edge transition with the Carving Leapers Drill.

Ski drills just changed forever

Traditional ski drills are a great way to improve, but they can be boring and it's difficult to know if you're performing the movements correctly. Until now.

Carv turns ski drills into a game, using live pressure and motion sensing to tell you if you are passing or failing each turn, in real-time.

Think you've got what it takes to get to pro-level execution? Carv adapts to your level as you ski, changing the difficulty of each drill as you improve so even advanced skiers can refine their skills.


Become king or queen of the hill

Add a new dimension to your next skip trip with the Carv challenges.

Think you can generate the most G-force in a turn, carv the highest edge angle, or ski perfectly on the beat?

Show your friends who's boss by beating the challenges, or go solo and set a new high score.

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Setting up Carv is easy

“It did exactly what it said it would do. It has the potential of really educating people on what great skiing is.”

Jonathan Ballou
PSIA Alpine Examiner

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