Boot compatibility

October 1, 2022

3 min read

Is Carv compatible with boot warmers?

Carv will not be damaged by boot warmers or dryers, as it has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 70°C.

We therefore support using Carv alongside internal boot warmers, but advise you to use your judgement when installing, as when combined they may cause a tighter fit in the boot and discomfort.

Here is an image demonstrating where Carv’s inserts and trackers sit in your ski boots:

Is Carv compatible with racing boots?

Racing skiers with particularly tight boots may need to modify their boots or boot board to best fit Carv. This is a similar process to fitting a boot warmer.

The cable runs on the inside of the boot on the outside of the foot and some racing skiers remove a channel. You can also create a cut-out in the arch to match the shape of the small electronics housing in the Carv insert to get more accurate pressure data.

If you are getting your liners filled with foam, we recommend you fit Carv before the foam filling process. If you have any questions please consult your boot fitter who will be familiar with the equivalent processes when fitting boot warmers to racing boots.

Is Carv compatible with Apex/Dahu boots?

Carv is designed to function in a fully enclosed alpine ski boot, with the insert fitting between the shell and the liner. We therefore do not guarantee compatibility with Apex or Dahu boots, however we have had multiple accounts of customers successfully installing and using Carv with this type of equipment.

With both models, you will need to ensure there is somewhere on your boot for the Carv tracker to attach. This will depend on the specific model of boot that you are using. Some users have attached it to their top buckles or the tongue loops.

For Apex boots, you should be able to fit the Carv insert between the liner and the walking boot.

For Dahu boots, with a Cambium Boot Construction liner, the insert can be positioned inside the liner, under the regular footbeds, replacing the stock cardboard spacers.

With Dahu boots due to the repetitive insertions and removals of the boot into the shell, you may find you get increased wear of the Carv insert. Although this shouldn't affect the functionality of Carv, we suggest that you apply additional adhesive tape (provided in the box) when securing the insert and take care when stepping into the Dahu shell.

Is Carv compatible with my custom footbeds and heel lifts?

Yes! Carv is installed between the liner and the shell of your ski boots, whereas custom orthotic foot beds and heel lifts sit inside the liner.

Carv is therefore compatible with custom foot beds and heel lifts, however your skiing data may be slightly affected by the use of heel lifts.

If you have Canting insoles or heel lifts, please make sure you put your Carv inserts underneath these.

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