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This Season...

You Rose To The Challenge

2020/21 was a ski season rocked by lockdowns and restrictions, with many skiers across the globe forced to spend the winter inside, away from our beloved mountains.

But with a record number of Carv skiers on the slopes despite the effects of covid, we've formed some unique insights on this season's skiing...

934,441KM Skied this season

You Went To The Moon... And Back

This season, Carv skiers covered a breathtaking distance on slopes across the world - over 900,000 KM. That's further than the distance to the moon... and back!

And you covered this epic distance with over 39 million turns.

39,601,783 Turns Completed

Where You Skied

Skiing Around The World

Like almost every aspect of life, skiing felt the impacts of Covid-19 this year. In Europe, bans on international travel and frequent lockdowns resulted in a 44% drop in the number of Carv users compared to last season.

But in North America, where skiing is largely a domestic, weekend activity, we saw a 145% increase in the number of Carv skiers compared to last year. Asia and Australia also increased as resorts stayed open while borders closed.

Over 1,000 Resorts

Carv users have skied in over 1,000 resorts across the world this season. But we know that some of you will want to know which resort has the highest Ski:IQ™...

Our Top Resort

Fernie, Canada is the resort with the best Carv skiers on the planet, with an average Ski:IQ™ score of 131.

That's a lot of great skiing, Fernie!

How You Skied

You Made The Best Of It

This season, skiers all across the world were unable to access their beloved mountains. However, over 7,500 of you were lucky enough to make it out onto the slopes.

Your stories fuelled the rest of us, patiently waiting for next season to arrive.

Even When You Couldn't Get To The Slopes

Not having access to snow this season didn't stop some of our skiers from chasing that sweet carving feeling!

Janus from Inspirational Skiing was stuck at home in Denmark so tried his hand at skiing on leaves. We're impressed, but we might just send him a new block of wax for next season!

You Found Your Next Level

Many skiers across the globe found their next level on skis this season. For Alexander, a lawyer from Moscow, Carv has helped to unlock not only better skiing, but also a change in career.

Having improved his Ski:IQ™ from 120 to 161 in just 2 years, Alexander has decided to train as a ski instructor.

We Came Together

This season we launched the Carv Skiers' Community, a Facebook group designed to help you make the most of your Carv digital ski coach.

It has taken off with a bang as thousands of you shared your scores, technique advice, photos and Carv tips.

Your Season With Carv

You Kept Improving

95% of skiers improved their Ski:IQ™ score after skiing with Carv for a week. That's over 7,000 skiers reaching their next level across the globe this season.

And 59% of Carv skiers improved their Ski:IQ™ score by more than 10 points. We're humbled to have been able to help so many reach their potential on snow.

The Metric You Improved The Most

Carv users responded to over 300,000 tips this season in the quest for better skiing. Of all the metrics Carv measures, our skiers improved their Forward Stance the most this season.

This means that more and more skiers are finding an athletic position on snow, and forming the basis for dynamic carving turns.

A Season Of Pro Ski Tips

This season we aimed to bring you the best skiing advice on YouTube. We wanted to make skiing videos that would actually help you to improve, as well as sharing the skills of some of the best instructors on the planet.

Top Performers

You Became Local Heroes

This season we focused on refining the Carv leaderboard so that you could follow your friends, top pros, and local heroes on your mountain.

Resorts Leaderboards let you challenge your friends to get the top Ski:IQ™ spot on your local mountain and Leaderboard favourites let you create your very own custom leaderboard with your friends.

Our Most Improved Skiers

This season, 95% of Carv skiers improved their skiing after a week on the slopes. But some have improved by leaps and bounds.

Congratulations to our top 5 most improved skiers of 2020/21! We're very impressed!

Our Most Determined Skiers

With over a whole year's worth of skiing days between them, congratulations to our top 5 skiers who have used Carv for the most days this season!

Most skiers head out to the slopes for a week or two per season, but these skiers were lucky enough to breathe the mountain air all winter.

Your Top Ski:IQ™ Scores

With over 7,500 skiers on the Carv Leaderboard this season, and a new, improved Ski:IQ, its been a fiercely competitive fight for the top spots!

Congratulations to Paul, Mladen, Thomas, Trevor and Jean-Pierre for edging closer and closer to that elusive 170 mark!


Someone To Look Up To

We were delighted to be able to work with over 30 top-level instructors this season from a variety of ski schools.

As well as making video tips for you, our Ambassadors have been helping to make Carv as accurate as possible for all levels of skier so we can keep you on your toes next season.

Carv Ambassadors: Average Ski:IQ™

Of the Carv Ambassadors who could make it to the slopes this season, the average Ambassador Ski:IQ™ was 152. Way to lead from the top!

With the average intermediate skier scoring a Ski:IQ™ of between 100 and 115, as shown on this graph, our Ambassadors really are at the top of the skiing game.

From The Carv Team

You Made Our Season

This season was certainly one to remember - it has been a tough year for all of us, on and off the slopes.

Thank you to all those who inspired us with your stories of skiing improvement and for keeping your passion alive against the odds. We're growing our team and will be working hard over the summer to create an even better digital ski coach for you next season. After all, we want to help you make up for lost time!

Making Carv a powerful, accurate ski coaching tool is an incredible challenge but it's one we all live for at Team Carv. Thank you for believing in the vision and we're excited to bring you along on the journey.

See you on the slopes,

Jamie and The Carv Team