Insert Calibration & Troubleshooting

October 1, 2022

5 min read

Motion Calibration

Carv's motion calibration is very sensitive and should only be done if you believe there is an issue with your motion sensors. Before calibrating motion make sure your inserts are installed in your boots and your boots are resting on a flat level surface. You should not be wearing your boots during calibration.To calibrate 'motion' of the Carv boot inserts, go to the Carv app and follow these steps:

  • Select the three dots found at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Go to the “Setup Carv” tab at the top of the screen.
  • Select “Setup Left”.
  • Pair your tracker.
  • Once your tracker is paired you will be able to select the “Motion” button at the top of the screen.
  • Connect your insert if you have not done so already and place your boots on a flat level surface, where it is not moving (do this without your boots on).
  • Select “Zero Motion" and don't move your insert whilst it calibrates.
  • Repeat these steps to calibrate your right insert.

Once your insert is calibrated, if your insert does not directly match what is shown on the screen do not worry. We use relative motion sensing so the initial direction that the insert is showing is not important. If you believe your inserts are still not behaving properly then please re-calibrate or get in touch with customer support.

Force Calibration

To calibrate the force sensors you will need to have fixed the insert into your ski boot and your boots done up. Then go to the Carv app and follow these steps.

  • Select the three dots found at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen
  • Got to the “Sensors” tab at the top of the screen
  • Select “Setup Carv”
  • Pair your trackers and calibrate motion
  • Select “Calibrate force”
  • With the ski boot on, you should then lift it up when instructed to by the app.
  • Repeat these steps to calibrate your right insert

The app will inform you when you need to re-calibrate the force sensors, which will normally be at the beginning of each ski day.

Troubleshooting for calibration issues:

If you are experiencing problems with your Carv unit, please start by seeing if the following steps resolve your issue:

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of the Carv app and download the update if necessary
  2. Check that you have downloaded the latest software update for your phone
  3. Firm close the app and restart it
  4. Restart your phone

If you are still experiencing problems please look for your specific calibration issue below and follow the suggested troubleshooting steps.

My insert does not match the motion page?

Your inserts do not have to directly match the image shown on the motion page to be effectively calibrated and for Carv to work as normal.

However, if you believe that this is having an effect on Carv’s functionality, you should re-calibrate your inserts.

If the problem persists you can select the three dots in the top right-hand corner of your screen on the calibration page, followed by “Zero motion”. This will reset the calibration of your insert and you can then calibrate them again.

My inserts are pointing in different directions on the motion page?

When calibrated, the insert shown on the setup screen will point up when your Carv insert is pointing towards magnetic north.

Large quantities of metal or magnets can interfere with this. Inserts can be up to 10° out of alignment with each other due to these external factors. External influences on direction are systematically corrected and do not affect final performance data.

As we use relative motion sensing, the initial direction that your inserts are pointing on the motion page is not important. If your inserts are pointing in different directions, this should not be a cause for concern.

However, if you are concerned about the motion calibration of your inserts, you can re-calibrate them at any time.

The force sensors are lighting up randomly on the force page?

If the force sensor dots are lighting up sporadically in multiple colours rather than in areas where force is applied on the insert, you should reset your force calibration to zero and then re-calibrate your inserts.

Carv isn’t detecting my turns properly

Both inserts must be connected fully to detect turns. Please check that your cables are fully plugged into the trackers, and that on the set-up page the outline of both your inserts is filled in black with the Carv logo, which indicates successful connection.

If you are still having issues, try re-calibrating the force and motion of your inserts.

One of my metrics seems way off

Please check out our guide to the Carv metrics here, this will help explain what metrics Carv measures and how your Ski:IQ is calculated.

If you are still having issues, we would suggest that you try to re-calibrate the force and motion of each of your inserts.

If you need further assistance with insert calibration, please contact us.

The more detail you are able to provide us with, the quicker we will be able to resolve the issue. Getting in touch via the Carv App, is the easiest way for us to help you so we can review your session data and identify problems straight away.

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